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Looking for help with your homework?  Try out the databases below. 

“But what’s a database?”

What a great question!  It’s a fancy way of saying ‘a bundle of digital stuff, like articles, photos, maps and more.’  This information is gathered together by subject.

Databases are perfect to use when you’re writing a report, because all of that info comes from reliable sources, like the dictionaries, encyclopedias and reference books. 

Just click on the link your interested under Homework Resources A-Z or search all of the kids databases at once.  If you’re outside the library, you’ll have to log in with your library card number and pin.  Happy researching!

 Homework Resources A-Z

ABC-CLIO Social Studies
Collection of 11 databases covering history, geography, government and pop culture
Geography and Culture
African-American History Online
Biographies, events, topics, primary documents, media, maps and chronologies relating to the African-American experience (from Facts on File)
ALA's Great Websites for KidsALA's Great Websites for Kids
ALA's Great Websites for Kids
General Reference - Children
American Government

Multifaceted examination of the foundations of our government and political system (from ABC-CLIO)

American History

People, events, primary documents, and historic trends in America from before European exploration to the 21st Century (from ABC-CLIO)

Biography in Context
Profiles of famous people throughout history with links to images, articles, videos, audios, and Internet sites
World Edition, Kids' Edition, and States Edition and contains cultural and geographical information supplemented with maps, images and recipes.
Geography and Culture
Daily Life Through HistoryDaily Life Through History
Explore how people lived throughout the world in the past and compare to the present.  Examine the structure and symbolism of architecture from ancient Greek temples to glass and steel malls.  There is more to history than just the names of rulers and the rise of economic systems!
Dramatic LearningDramatic Learning

This database is filled with original scripts, skits and monologues, and adaptations of classics.  Users will find  background information for each play and a step-by-step guide to make putting on a play easy and accessible. There are printable programs and posters.  This is a great resource for teachers, charter schools, those involved in home school,  and for all those interested in dramatic arts.

Books and Literature
An index of many full-text magazine and newspaper articles, as well as television and radio transcripts, pictures, maps and more. Mobile site
Media, Magazines, and Newspapers
Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos (WorldBook)
This Spanish language encyclopedia is organized so that students can find information quickly and easily. Click on the first letter of the title of the article to see the article in Spanish
FCAT ExplorerFCAT Explorer
FCAT Explorer helps student prepare for FCAT exams. There is an online document to help teachers get the most out of FCAT Explorer for their students here.
The Florida Memory ProjectFlorida Memory Project
Features collections of film, photographs and videos of Florida's past and present for educational research.
Inventions and DiscoveriesInventions and Discoveries
From World Book, Inventions and Discoveries covers  Agriculture,  Architecture and Engineering,  The Arts,  Astronomy, Communication,  Economics,  Industry and Manufacturing, Mathematics,  Medicine, Personal and Household Items, Transportation, Warfare.
Science and Technology
Junior Edition
An ideal research tool (featuring journal, magazine and newspaper articles) for middle and high school students.
General Reference
Junior Reference Collection
A curriculum-based database for students in middle grades. Provides accurate information on schools' most-studied subjects: science, literature, arts, biographies and general reference among others.
General Reference - Children
Khan Academy

Offers more than 2,100 free educational videos covering math, science and other topics.

Kids' Infobits
A research resource for kids - topics include Animals, Plants, People, Geography, Science and Math, Stories and Literature, History and Social Studies, Transportation, Inventions and Technology, Health, Arts and Entertainment, and Sports.
General Reference - Children
Living GreenLiving Green by World Book
  • Pollution's causes and consequences
  • Overviews of major ecosystems
  • Green building and transportation
  • Green issues in food production
  • Green practices at home
Modern GenocideModern Genocide
Understanding causes and consequences
Current Events and Social Issues
National Geographic KidsNational Geographic Kids
Reputable, authoritative, and appropriate content that brings children aged 6-14 the world in a way they've never seen it before. Fun and substantive, National Geographic Kids will take them on amazing adventures in science, nature, culture, archaeology, and space.
Geography and Culture
National Geographic Magazine ArchiveNational Geographic Magazine Archive

The National Geographic Magazine Archive from 1888, provides full-text searching of every article of the world’s most recognized magazine from its first publication in 1888.

Geography and Culture
Novelist K-8Novelist K-8
An informative database with access to fiction titles directed toward a Kindergarten through middle school audience. You can find books based on author, title, or description; browse genre and/or award lists; search for reviews; read book discussion guides.
Books and Literature
Opposing Viewpoints in ContextOpposing Viewpoints in Context

Whether you're writing a critical essay, researching a report or term paper, or preparing for a debate, or you just want to be better informed, you'll find a variety of reference materials, commentaries and viewpoints, periodical and news articles, primary sources, statistics and multimedia in Opposing Viewpoints in Context.

Current Events and Social Issues
Pop Culture UniversePop Culture Universe
A historical view of popular culture through the decades, including Arts and Visual Culture, Business and Advertising, Ethnic and Group Culture, Fashion and Appearance, Film, Food and Drink, Literature, Music, Politics, Recreation and Leisure, Religion and Spirituality, Sports, TV and Radio, and Technology and Media.
Science in ContextScience in Context
 Science in Context is an in-depth, curriculum-oriented science database. It reflects curriculum trends and focuses on key concepts taught in school classrooms including biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, math, environmental science, life science, medicine, space science, computer science, technology, history of science, science and society, science as inquiry, science-related biographies and more.
Science and Technology
Science OnlineScience Online
Your source for Biology, Chemistry, Astronomy, Mathematics, Computer Science and more
Science and Technology
Southwest Florida Museum of HistorySouthwest Florida Museum of History
Site includes an online calendar of museum events and information about business hours and permanent exhibits.
State Geography
Geography and Culture
World Book Kids
People, Places, Science and Mathematics, World Religions, Plants and Animals, History and Government, Arts, and Sports and Hobbies - all in kid-friendly format.
World Folklore and FolklifeWorld Folklore and Folklife
Folklore is part of the everyday lives of people around the world.  This database covers a variety of subjects:  food and drink, music and dance, celebrations and rituals, and,  religion and beliefs.  It also includes thousands of classic folk tales, the complete Hans Christian Andersen stories, Grimm’s fairy tales and folktales from around the world.
Geography and Culture
World Geography
Geography and Culture
World History - Ancient and Medieval Eras
World History - The Modern Era
from ABC-CLIO. Encompasses the evolution of modern Europe since the Renaissance; concurrent developments in Asia, Africa and the Islamic world, the global impact of the Industrial Revolution; and the last hundred years of conflicts and international cooperation.
World History Collection
A database of e-journals for research of world history.

 Accelerated Reader

You all know it as AR.  Are you at a loss?  Can't find a good book?  If you go to a Lee County Public School, you can test on any of the books on the "Universal List."  Click on either of the links below to search for AR books.  If you go to a private or charter school that doesn't use the "Univeral List," check with your local branch or your school media specialist to find some good AR reads. For answers to all of your AR questions, go to our AR page.

Science Fair

It's that time of year again, isn't it?  Can't think of a project?  Check out our booklist below to find that prize-winning experiment!

Choosing a Science Fair Project

 Science Fair Resources on the Web