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Lee County Library System

 September 2014


Reference librarians are available at all locations to answer questions and assist with research needs.


• Telephone Reference 239- 479-4636 is available for quick facts, information about your account and library services.


"Ask a Librarian" is a regional virtual reference service available on the library website through live chat, text and messaging.

 August 2014


The library has exclusive electronic subscription services!


• Find subscriptions to reputable online information providers offering topics
for educational, informational and recreational purposes.

• The information is verified as trustworthy and is available in several formats
such as: articles from journals and magazines, e-books, newspapers, images,
white papers or reference sources.

 July 2014


The library has DVDs, Blu-rays and streaming videos for borrowing!

You’ll find children’s movies, comedies, foreign films, musicals, new releases, documentaries and TV series from publishers such as National Geographic, Universal Studios, Walt Disney and 20th Century Fox and more!

 June 2014


The library has audiobooks for check out and downloading!

• In addition to audiobooks on CD, the library has Playaway audio devices preloaded with books for checkout and electronic audiobooks for download to your portable device.

• Available titles include new releases and a wide variety of genres!

 May 2014

Job search at the library

The library has magazines in print and for downloading!


• You’ll find hundreds of magazines are accessible in print at each library and online for downloading and reading anywhere in the world.


• E-magazines include Bicycling, Boating, Car & Driver, Cosmopolitan, Digital Photo, Forbes, Good Housekeeping, Harvard Business Review, Martha Stewart Living, National Geographic, Newsweek, PC World, Parenting, Prevention, Reader’s Digest and many more.

 April 2014

Job search at the library

The library has job search, training and career tools!


• You will find paid subscriptions to online career assistance including step-by-step resume, cover letter and

interview tips, job search tips, information about types of jobs including required skills, salary range and job



• Additionally, there are online aptitude tests, career interest assessments, practice tests and courses for

professional development, etc.

 March 2014

Computers at the libraru

You can log in to your account and:


• Search for books, audiobooks, e-books, DVDs or Blu-rays

• Check items out in electronic formats and proceed to download them

• See how many items are available and where to find them in the library

Put items on hold if unavailable at the time

• Select which library you want the holds sent to for convenient pickup

• Select how to receive notification when an item is available, either by email, phone or text

• Keep a list of items you have checked-out

• Pay fines by credit card to be able to borrow additional items


 February 2014

Computers at the libraru

You can boot up at the library with access to Wi-Fi, computers and more!

• All Lee County libraries provide computers with Internet access on a first come first served basis.
• The library also provides access to wireless or Wi-Fi and to public printers and copiers for a small per page fee.

Did you know?

Did you know that the library has e-books for downloading!


• More than 130,000 e-books and 22,000 audio e-books are available for a wide selection of devices including,

Kindles, Nooks, iPads, smart phones and mp3 players.

• Library card holders can check out and download digital titles anytime, anywhere from Late fees

never occur as the book is checked in automatically when the borrowing period expires.collection

with items for new technologies and trending topics.

• Assistance is available at

• The Library System is constantly adding to the collection with items for new technologies and trending topics

Did you know?

Did you know the Library System offers the public a variety programs, classes and activities for all ages?


• The Summer Reading Program and year-round activities for children and teens may include games, crafts, magic, juggling, balloon, pirate, music and animal shows. Registration may be required.


• Adult programs include computer, budgeting, coupon, car care, craft, scrapbooking, Chess, foreign films, photography, genealogy and literacy programs as well as author presentations and book and poetry discussions to name a few!

Did you know?

Did you know the library has… Books-by-Mail and Talking Books for people who have disabilities or can't get to the library?

• Books-by-Mail supplies printed books, audio books, DVDs and music CDs to adults and children that are unable to visit a Lee County Library System location due to a qualifying condition. Caregivers are also eligible for service.
• Books-by-Mail is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Call 239-533-4444 to find out if you qualify and request an application. 
• The Lee County Talking Books Library provides material for people with visual disabilities or other qualifying conditions. Recorded books and magazines for readers of all ages and interests are available.
• Talking books and their players are mailed postage free to registered users. Call the Lee County Talking Books Library at 239-533-4780 for an application. The application must be certified by a health care professional. 
Free Books

Did you know the library offers… FREE books for every taste!

The Library System has more than a million printed books, 130,000 e-books and 22,000 audio e-books in circulation! There are books of all genres and appropriate for all ages. The library has the latest books in circulation when they go on sale. Borrowers can search the entire library catalog and then request a book from any location and have it delivered to a local library of their choice. If there is high demand for a book the library system will consider purchasing additional copies to meet the demand. The Library System is constantly adding to the collection with items on trending topics and current events as well as newly released items. If a topic surges in public interest and in the news you can be sure the library has looked at the collection to ensure there are enough materials on that topic to serve the public. For those who are always looking for another book to read librarians can offer similar style authors and the library subscribes to Novelist- a service that provides book reviews and suggests similar books for reading.